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Universidade Federal do Ceará
Laboratório de Geofísica

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Geophysics Laboratory – Federal University of Ceará


Laboratório de Geofísica de Prospecção e Sensoriamento Remoto (LGPSR)

Installed at the Pici University Campus of the Federal University of Ceará works the ‘’Laboratório de Geofísica de Prospecção e Sensoriamento Remoto” (LGPSR), coordinated by Prof. Dr.  Mariano Castelo Branco. The LGPSR’s main objective is the teaching, research and extension. In terms of teaching, the laboratory is inserted both in the context of the Undergraduate Course in Geology (Applied Geophysical and Petroleum Geophysics Disciplines) and in the Postgraduate Course at Masters and Doctoral level, specifically in the lines of research in Hydrogeology, Remote Sensing and Geophysics.  In this last one, the research lines of Groundwater Geophysics, Well Geophysics, Geophysics Prospecting and Applied Geophysics to the Environment. With regard to research and extension, the LGPSR has carried out through various specialized foundations technical-scientific services related to geophysical-geological prospecting.



The consolidation and recognition of the LGPSR did not happen just because it is a serious project of an accepted and respected institution in the scientific environment. Nor does your current status match your academic credentials only. It was more. It was necessary to adopt a more aggressive attitude regarding disclosure and, especially, fundraising. It was fundamentally important to create sources for the demands, develop consistent projects and present them to the funding bodies. It took courage to invest in the new and to take risks.

Entrepreneurship is a current item in Prof. Dr. Mariano Castelo Branco’s speech. According to him, the Federal Higher Education Institutions are mostly shy about spreading their potential. He emphasizes: “I think every teacher has to do, besides the teaching course that exists in the probationary stage, an entrepreneurship course, too.”


Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Mariano Castelo Branco






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